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Sahara Desert Trekking Morocco - trekking in Morocco
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Sahara Desert Trekking Morocco

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Sahara Desert Trekking Morocco Overview:

This Sahara Desert Trekking Morocco and Camel trekking tour will take you through wild places where the former trans-saharan trade caravans came from Bilad Soudan “actual West Africa”. This expedition is a real adventure crossing the great desert, which offers a unique world far away from any civilization, filled with silence and surrounded by lunar landscapes.

Sahara Desert Trekking Morocco Highlights:

Sahara Desert Trekking Morocco begins and ends in MARRAKECH, making international air travel very affordable and combining the best natural landscapes of Morocco. Our Sahara Desert Trekking Morocco is designed mainly for private travellers, group Tours, Charity challenges, Student tours and Solo Travellers, transfers in the form of Private A/C Toyota land Cruiser, Qualified Guides, Conditioned typical hotels and  Tented mobile camps.

A short distance south of Ouarzazate, the Draa valley reveals its incomparable splendour. This valley is a true gem of architecture where you will admire the beauty and uniqueness of its ancient villages. Ksours, where the Kasbahs dominate the dwellings: The palm groves constituting a real paradise and the main resource of living for the locals and where the Draa river is the principal mode for communication, life and development. Draa valley is an important commercial Centre from the ancient caravan tours from Mali to Marrakech, also called Moroccan Dates Basket, draa valley provide 50% of Moroccan Dates consummation.

Five days Sahara Desert Trekking Morocco will take you to the magic scenery of Erg Zahar. Morocco’s most wild desert dunes, Here at Erg chegaga Desert, from one landscape to another and from one Erg to another you will explore the extensive sand dunes, acacia and tamarisk forests, wide plateaus drowned out by sand, dried-up lakes, sites of ancient civilizations that used to populate the Draa valley and who cross the desert long ago, end your journey spending sometime under the tents with loving Berber Nomad Families…

why this Sahara Desert Trekking Morocco

•    Picturesque views along the way.
•    Discovery of the famous Draa valley, its palmeraies and its millennium ksours and kasbahs.
•    An English speaking guide and a Berber welcoming team.
•    Impressive sand dunes, sunsets and sunrises.
•    Overnights out in the open air spotting constellations and shooting stars.
•    Great atmosphere and excellent food.
•    Ride on camels.

1 review for Sahara Desert Trekking Morocco

  1. MPT@

    I can’t say enough good things about this tour company. Malika worked with another member of our group to organize the absolute best experience. She was helpful, professional and quick to respond to any of our concerns or suggestions.

    We had such an amazing adventure in Morocco. Yes, we travelled with our dear friends which made it an excellent experience out of the gate, but I believe what made this trip magical was that everything was taken care of, every detail was attended to. Our Riads and Dars were top notch, the food was excellent, the itinerary was varied and we truly got to see the “real Morocco”.

    And the biggest part of the success recipe was Khalid. We had read fabulous reviews about him and we were not disappointed, in fact, our expectations were exceeded. We were very thrilled to get Khalid as our tour guide/driver (as he often did double duty). I would give 5 stars for the tour, but 6 stars if I could because of Khalid. I really don’t know how he did it. He answered all our questions, he explained the surrounding area as we drove through it, he shared his child hood experiences, he referred us to excellent restaurants (so we wouldn’t get sick at, and that were reasonably priced) if the meal wasn’t included, he arranged our city guides who were incredible, we had experiences that we wouldn’t have had otherwise like trying prickly pear, dates from the market, camel burgers, how to make traditional tea, how to wrap our head scarves in the desert, took us to a local Hammam for an authentic local experience, helped us find wine in a basically “dry” country and on and on.

    If you are going to Morocco, you will miss so much if you attempt to do it on your own. And, if you are looking for the best experience you can possibly have, then hire Moroccan Premium Tours.

    Thank you Khalid for helping us creating magical moments that we will cherish forever. We will not forget you!!!

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